RIZOMA, 2018

Twenty speakers arranged in a circle are the end points of a rhizome of electroluminescent, vibrating wires that make visible the audible. The work explores the Deleuzian concept of rhizome as a transversal and non-hierarchical model of knowledge. Rather than an arborescent epistemology, communicating vessels are created between different artistic expressions, challenging the usual categories that separate music and visual arts. Within a circle, the unity of the work is expressed as a multiplicity of experiences. The music is born of an improvisation, for electronic and piano, by Zul Zelub (Jonas Runa and Jorge Lima Barreto). Instead of a composition, organized according to a central logos, improvisation lives at the mercy of the unforeseen, the emotional, the instant, the desire, the enjoyment and the delirium. The factory of the unconscious that materializes in every sound. Behind the winds, the inexpressible inclusion of one within another. In its light dimension, the work presents a multiplicity of colors - yellow, green, red, blue, orange, white - that are organized according to mathematical principles of the theory of finite groups, exploring the innumerable permutations of its elements as in a Rubik's Cube. This scientific rationality is then placed at the service of artistic freedom: the rhythms of light are synchronized in real time with the rhythms of music, always in a new form. That is, whenever the music repeats itself, it gives birth to new faces and luminous patterns. Scientific and cultural contemporaneity builds itself up as the end of certainties, where the concept of "Noise" is the epiphany of deconstruction and polysemy, from positive sciences to art, permeating the postmodern situation of music.

Rhizome is a wall piece consisting of twenty speakers arranged in a circle and more than twenty meters of electroluminescent wires, of different colors, that produce a radial drawing. The visible elements of the work are presented on a mirrored stainless steel circle.


Rhizome, 2018
El Wires, EL Escudo, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Mega, speakers, amplifiers, sound card, stainless steel and MDF
Music: Urantia by Zul Zelub (Jonas Runa e Jorge Lima Barreto)
Light and sound composition: 14' 12''
Ø 100 cm


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