Zul Zelub   (2007 - 2011)
Jonas Runa & Jorge Lima Barreto
Unrealized Musical Energy

" Zul Zelub " was a project of electroacoustic music for piano and computer/live electronics founded in 2007 by Jorge Lima Barreto and Jonas Runa.. It was based on a radical conceptual attitude - the theory of "unrealized musical energy " – which addresses a purely mental investment of memory and will, an inaudible entity, a secret musical aspect, the unexpressed, an insubstantial desire, a psychic force that generates not matter, an abandoned anticipatory concept, a virtual formulation as in a dream, or cyber journey.

Unrealized Musical Energy: What lies behind a musical realization, what precedes its concretion, what potentiates the consubstantiation of the creative act of improvising?

Musicographical ideas never written before, poetic imagery without literary and artistic materialization, all expenses of the creative unrealized musical energy (improvisatory composition and execution, in the act of composing / performing we find invention, the unexpected, inspiration, emotionality).

Musical improvisation is a living force that induces an action-potential and maintains a momentary state of the body; what matters the most is the conceptual side of it.

Improvisation lives in unknown, at the mercy of the creative energy and Open-Form; in its aesthetic stance, improvisation is possibility and performance (body action) – it is an ephemeral state alluding to the unfulfilled.

Improvisation is work, productive rite of passage, creative representation of the unrealized, it is energy that lives in the body, which is the place of the unrealized musical dreams.

Zul = Luz (light, in portuguese); zelub = Boulez

The fragmented body of Guido Buzzelli’s cellist Zil Zelub, who lives in a post-Holocaust world, a nature of machines, and universal in psychosis.

Main Zul Zelub Concerts


Conservatório Real de Haia, Holanda, Grande Auditório, 17-07-2008

Culturgest, Ciclo ‘Isto é Jazz?’, Lisbon, 10-12-2010 (with Eddie Prévost)

Casa da Música, Porto, 14-11-2009 (with Jac Berrocal and videoart by A. Palolo)

Museu do Chiado, Jardim das Esculturas, Lisbon, 29-07-2010

Festa do Avante, Auditório 1º de Maio. 05-09-2009 (with Eddie Prévost, Vítor Rua and Jamie Coleman)

Trem Azul, Lisbon, 26-05-2009

XV Bienal de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, 27-09-2009 (with videoarte de A. Palolo)

Festa do Avante, Auditório 1º de Maio, 06-09-2008 (with Steve Noble e Vítor Rua)

Zul Zelub Discography


(CD)   Zul Zelub. Ultimaton. Plancton Music. 2012

(CD)   Jorge Lima Barreto. Zul Zelub. Clean Feed, 2008

(DVD)   Zul Zelub at Culturgest (with Eddie Prevost), 2011. [Author edition]

(DVD)   Zul Zelub at Casa da Música (with Jac Berrocal), 2012. [Author edition]


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