'Oumumua presents itself as a concert/performance, with a light suit created by Jonas Runa in collaboration with the fashion designer Alexandra Moura.

The performance proposes a sound and luminous journey that unfolds in a flow of improvisations and fuses in an open discourse, in permanent action. The musician/performer works from within the sound, molding it like a sculptor and unfolding in dynamic notions of time - delayed, synchronous, asynchronous and accelerated - to create new sound spaces.

'Oumuamua is the name of the first interstellar object detected to pass through the Solar System - the first messenger from a distant past that can be reached by mankind. 'Oumuamua challenges the order and regularity of the orbits of the planets, and of their elliptical motion: as a temporary visitor, it moves along a highly hyperbolic trajectory.



Alexandra Moura designed the suit and Jonas Runa programmed it to create interconnected light and sound compositions, reactive to the movement. The artist uses the suit as an instrument of light and sound, during the concert/performance. The light suit includes NeoPixel technology - LEDs individually programmable up to 16 million colors - and motion sensors, integrated to build real-time light and sound compositions through the artist's movement.


'Oumuamua, 2018
Felt hat, Neoprene (84% PL, 16% PU), Knitwear (100% PL), tulle (100% PA), cotton, NeoPixel Digital RGB LED - 60 LED/m stripes, Hacker LiPo Batteries 14.8V 2400mAh, Wemos D1 microcontrollers
Variable dimensions (light suit)
25 x 37 x 40 cm (hat)


Alexandra Moura (b. Lisbon, 1973)
Fashion designer. She has been showing her collections in Portugal since 2002 and often creates costumes for contemporary dance shows. She also develops uniforms for institutions and brands. Throughout her career, she has presented her collections at various international fashion weeks. In recent years, her collections have been presented in the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan, Lisbon and Porto. She is the only Portuguese Designer to integrate the publications: "Young European Fashion Designers" (2007); "Atlas of Fashion Designers" (2009), "Fashion Design Sourcebook" (2011) and "Fashion Design Sourcebook" (2011). In 2015, she was distinguished by the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality and the offices of the Secretary of State for Culture and the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Equality. She won the Golden Globe prize for the best fashion designer in 2018, a prize attributed by SIC television.


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