1. TRIATA - 1'44"
2. HAVONA - 13'26"
3. KOPE DAGH - 3'03"
4. URANTIA - 14'21"
5. UVERSA - 13'33"
6. NEBADON - 13'46
7. FINALITOR - 3'19"

Jorge Lima Barreto – piano (keyboard: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7; string: 2, 5, 6; percussion: 1, 5, 6) concept, coproduction, text.
Jonas Runa – Kyma X, computer, processing, recording, mixing, production, remastering., concept, text, computer design.
António Duarte – remastering..
Recorded at Baucau Studium.


The CD Ultimaton, by Zul Zelub, is one of the most important examples of the application of unrealized musical energy to musical creation, the result of many months of work. The goal was never to create fixed entities or "compositions" potentially repeatable. Instead, the process consisted of a myriad of discoveries: the discovery of the other, the discovery of listening, the discovery of a intratextual mediation able to articulate a double discourse, including piano and computer music ...

If it is true that any of the musical themes is the result of a unique and unrepeatable improvisation, it is no less true that these improvisations would have been impossible without an underground complicity, which cemented over the years. It is important to remember that the basic message of Zul Zelub was above all a conceptual one. It was a matter of affinities, or compatible modes to observe the world of sound and music.

This CD has roots in the enigmatic Urantia Book, from which results the names of the various tracks. As stated in the manifesto of unrealized musical energy: "In the mysterious book of Urantia - the name given to our Planet and to the first human who guessed himself, Music, understood as life, evolved from wide diversification of energy-matter to the kingdom the unrealized ". From Theosophy to Parapsychology, we sought to a 'telepathic' creative musical spirit and a 'telekinesis' of the sound material


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