New spaces for new sounds
Music for 8 Whistles Master & Kyma


1. The call of mermaids
2. Storm
3. Extra maritime Beings
4. Pencil-Lazuli

Composition, Maestro, Kyma X: Jonas Runa
Whistles Master: 8 Sailors (Master and Foremen) ship NRP Sagres

Place and Date of Release:
NRP ship "Sagres" Tobacco Garden, Lisbon
30 October 2012, the day of the celebrations of 75 years of ship NRP Sagres

Place and Date of rehersals:
NRP ship "Sagres" Naval Base Alfeite, Almada
Rehersals between 1 April 2012 and 30 October 2012

The conception of this musical work came from multiple principles:

1. Bring music to where it is not yet considered as such;
2. Develop sound creativity of people who do not think of themselves as musicians;
3. Transform into “musical sounds” all the sounds that are not yet thought as artistic.

The chosen context was the ship NRP Sagres, with the musicians and the master of the ship foremen. One of the many peculiarities of Sagres is to preserve a rare, and ancient practice: The use of sounds whistle-Master as a form of communication from different functions: 'starboard', 'port', 'official to Boom', 'dawn 'or' silence 'are some of the dozens sound messages that these people use in their day-to-day in their work.

The aim was thus make sounds that are characteristic of this intense naval activity in musical sounds, organized in a sound composition using the ship itself as the stage.

The first movement was assigned by musicians as "the call of mermaids"; a soundscape suggested by an unconscious of a Whistles orchestra mimicking the wind, an ocean drum, a 'whistle-Soloist' is worked electronically in real-time, where it is multiplied and mellowed, where the slower versions open us to a suspended time, too long, preparing listeners for the beginning of a musical and spiritual journey ...

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