Performance at 56th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Italy, 2015
Integrated in the installation "Giardino dell'Eden" by Joana Vasconcelos.

According to Jorge Lima Barreto: “(...) Semiologically and sematically “Garden of Eden #2” metaphorically expresses an idyllic garden, labyrinthine and non-natural- botanic because it is mythical, that existed in Eden, before the emergence of Humanity, and also the destiny of a cybernetic futurology”

The inhabitant of this mythological garden is Jonas Runa, who wears an electroluminescent costume designed by J. Vasconcelos. Runa has conceived the electronic performance “Synchronicity”, specific to this Garden of Eden, based on invisible instruments: motion-detection sensors connected to sources of sound and light. The effect is one of psychokinesis, metonym or synesthesia; a cybernetic dream-like state.

Insofar as all sensory information is always translated into electrical signals, which can then be interpreted by the brain and reach consciousness, it is precisely the electric/electronic medium which functions as an “axis of coordination” for apparently different types of perceptions: sound – color – light.

“Synchronicity” is a concept developed by Carl Jung. It liberates us from Causality, the fundamental principle of technology and automation. In this electronic performance, “causality” was completely abandoned in favor of Acausal connections. To the future of Life and the Universe, the last word will never be computation, but imagination.

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