Pop Galo
Five Compositions for Sound and Light, 2016
Viúva Lamego hand-painted tiles, LEDs, fiberglass, iron, power supply units, microcontroller, sound system
900 x 372 x 682 cm
Joana Vasconcelos' Collection

Pop Galo: Five Compositions for Sound and Light is an interactive site-specific sonic and luminous artwork, created by Jonas Runa for Joana Vasconcelos' Pop Galo (a monumental sculpture inspired by the Rooster of Barcelos - a popular Portuguese ceramic piece - covered with ceramic tiles and punctuated with LED lights of different colors - green, yellow, blue and red). Jonas Runa has created five different compositions of light and sound, four of them are individually associated with each of the four colors of the sculpture; and the fifth assumes the simultaneous interconnectivity of the four colors. The public can activate any of the five compositions when close to the sculpture.


2018 I'm Your Mirror, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (June)
2017 Pop Galo, Bauhaus Square, 798 Art District, Beijing
2016 Pop Galo, Avenida Ribeira das Naus, Lisbon


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